Department of Law


The LLB degree in Pakistan is one of the most sought among students. LLB can give prestigious positions in law departments and judiciary. One way or another, this qualification can make a significant difference in your life and career prospects. University of Sufism and Modern Sciences (USMS), Bhitshah provides an affordable, yet high-quality education for those looking to pursue a career as a lawyer or legal professionals. Law experts will answer all of your questions about studying law degree in Pakistan with us. If you are interested in pursuing a legal career, but don’t know where to start or what law degree is best for you, consider the LLB-5 years program at USMS. The LLB will allow you to study both general and specialized courses of Law while also preparing yourself with some basic knowledge of local and other laws. This makes it an ideal degree for anyone wanting to pursue higher studies in law at international universities or work abroad as lawyers.


The department is to encourage the law future leaders, professionals, academicians within and outside the country. The section of the university will help to promote human values and rights and the rule of law and to meet the challenges emanating from the evolving local and global models.