Department of English (Linguistic and Literature)


Department of English (Linguistic and Literature) has introduced BS 4year program for the students who want to venture in the field of English. The program focusses onto developing an understanding of different genres and forms of literary expression (poetry, prose, novel, drama, non- fiction) as well as linguistic and rhetorical skills through frequent reading and writing assignments and class discussions. The BS program aims to develop graduates with critical thinking and development of major skills related to disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and professional development required for the success in 21st century in targeted competencies literary and linguistic skills in English. At the end of the program, the students will be able to interpret, analyze, evaluate, and then communicate this understanding in clear, organized and developed products in the targeted competencies


To help students see themselves as professionals as part of a discipline with skills and abilities valuable in the literature and linguistics Fields


The mission of Department of English (Linguistic and Literature) is to transfer world class education to students, providing fundamental principles and innovation in language and literature within the core areas and its relevant area, establish and maintain an effective operational environment, deliver quality, prompt cost effective and reliable services to the society as well as compliment the local and global economic goals.

Learning Outcomes

The BS ENG (Hon) program aims:

Knowledge and creativity:

  • To enable students to understand the basic concepts, methodology and different genres and forms of literary texts and linguistic and rhetoric skills.
  • To provide students with confidence to appreciate, interpret and analyze complex literary texts by contextualizing them in their broad theoretical and ideological context in written and oral form
  • To build the skills of students in English language teachers
  • Skills and professional Behavior:

  • To build Capacity of students in particular discipline for students’ professional development
  • To develop the interpretive the communication skills among students
  • Specialization:

  • To offer a structured path to explore issues in the fields of English linguistics and literature.
  • Skill with Balance between Breadth and Depth:

  • To help the students form a sound basis for higher learning in targeted discipline.
  • Applied knowledge:

  • To enhance the pedagogical competence of those who wish to choose to teach as their career as well as those preparing for careers in media, business, diplomacy etc.

    Faculty Members

    Ms Moomal Raza

    Lecturer and Incharge HOD(Department of English (Linguistic and Literature))
    MS in Applied Linguistics, MUET JAMSHORO

    Ms. Qammar-un-nisa Jatoi

    MS Applied Linguistics, MUET, Jamshoro

    Ms Sania

    M.Phil: Shah Abdul Latif University
    PhD Scholar, IELL, University of Sindh, Jamshoro

    Ms. Shahnaz Jumani

    Teaching Assistant
    BS English,NUML

    Mahmood Detho

    Teaching Assistant
    M.A English Literature
    B.A (Hons) English Literature
    Associate Diploma English Language

    Ms. Jaweria Isfaque

    Teacing Assistant
    BS English , NUML