The Department of Education comprises of highly qualified, professionally trained, dedicated, skilled teachers with leadership qualities to serve on national and international forums. The Department of Education has designed and developed its curriculum to meet the challenges of future requirement in the field of education & research and fill the gap between required and present demands of skilled motivated and professionally trained educationists.


To prepare dynamic leaders and practitioners in teaching, research and management having content excellence, pedagogical competence, commitment and integrity who may ensure quality and sustainable development at all tiers and sectors of education.


  • Offer nationally and internationally accepted academic programs to produce:
    • Classroom teachers to the need of public and private schools of various levels i.e. primary, secondary, higher secondary.
    • Educational Leaders and Managers
    • Educationists/Researchers/Curriculum Developers etc.
  • Provide certificate and degree programs through continuous and virtual education modes for teachers of tertiary level.
  • Integrate pre-service with in-service Teacher Education.
  • Make university a thriving hub of educational research and knowledge creation.
  • Make the teaching profession attractive to the youth by providing quality programs, providing fast track degree acquisition routes to abler students.
  • Equal emphasis on quality and quantity of the product.
  • Emerge as Leader institution in various branches of education. Learn and contribute through linkages with national and international academic community and society.
  • Take equity measures to provide quality education.

Degree Programs

Currently the Department of Education is offering following programs:

BEd.-4 Years

Admission Criteria BEd(Hons) 4 Years

Pre-requisite Admission Criteria Duration Semesters Course Scheme
12 years of education Intermediate 4 Years 08 BED(Hons) 4 Years

BEd.-1.5 Years

Admission Criteria BEd. 1.5 Years

Pre-requisite Admission Criteria Duration Semesters
MA / M.Sc. / BS (16 years of education)  Second Division
  • 45% under Anual System
  • 2.5 CGPA under Semester System
  • 1.5 Years 03

    BEd.-2.5 Years

    Admission Criteria BEd. 2.5 Years

    Pre-requisite Admission Criteria Duration Semesters
    BA / BSc / ADE (14 years of education) Second Division
  • 45% under Anual System
  • 2.5 CGPA under Semester System
  • 2.5 Years 05

    Faculty Members

    Dr. Samina Rafique

    Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. (Education, IIU Islamabad)

    Dr. Ali Gul

    Assistant Professor
    PhD (Education) From Iqra University Karachi

    Miss Sakina Jumani

    Lecturer, PhD Scholar
    M. Phil. (Education, Iqra University Karachi)

    Mr. Zainulabdin

    Lecturer, PhD Scholar
    M. Phil. (Education, UoS Jamshoro)

    Mr. Naseem Hyder

    Lecturer, PhD Scholar (SMIU, Karachi)
    M. Phil. (Education, SBBU Nawabshah)

    Mr. Shahid Hussain

    Lecturer, PhD Scholar
    M. Phil. (Mathematics, MUET Jamshoro)